Residents outside a home that is planned to be demolished on Portrush Road.

Magill and Portrush Road

The Marshall Government has announced major plans to widen the Portrush Road and Magill Road intersection.

  • This will require the compulsory acquisition and bulldozing of 47 homes and local businesses, causing much distress to those evicted.
  • Minister Stephan Knoll’s goal is to keep the trucks flowing along Portrush Road. Widening the intersection from 6 to 10 lanes on Portrush Roadmeans more trucks, more danger and more inconvenience for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.
  • The project will create dangerous bottlenecks at Dover Street and Beulah Road. Traffic will also continue to back up at the Payneham – Portrush Road intersection.
  • The construction requires the chopping down of 40 to 50 established trees. This will turn our suburbs into a concrete jungle.
  • $98 million to cut commute times by 60 seconds just isn’t worth it.
  • It has also not been made clear what developers will build on the leftover bulldozed land that isn’t used for the extra lanes.

The Marshall Government had an election promise to develop an alternative route for large trucks to be diverted from the South Eastern Freeway and hence Portrush Road. The $98 million should be used to develop an alternative route for large trucks instead and NOT to destroy local communities.

We urge everyone to phone, write and make your voice heard to stop this unjustified project, which has had no cost-benefit analysis publicly released and has been unanimously rejected by the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council.

Hon. Mr Steven Marshall MP
Premier of South Australia
Member for Dunstan
GPO Box 2343

Phone: 08 8429 3232
Email: [email protected]                   

From Concerned Residents and Councillors (Norwood, Payneham and St Peters)

Cr Scott Sims (Trinity Gardens and Maylands Ward)
Cr Kester Moorhouse (St Peters Ward)

For more information on this project contact:

Cr Scott Sims
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0403 969 003

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There’s something odd about this.
If it’s necessary to add another 4 lanes to Portrush Rd at its intersection with Magill Rd to accommodate the freight traffic along Portrush Rd, then surely the intersections of Portrush Rd with Norwood Parade and Kensington Rd (at the very least) would require the same treatment.
Is that proposed by the government and if not, why not, I wonder?

I support the upgrade. The time taken to cross the intersection is too lengthy. Even at off peak times it can take up to 3 cycles of the lights to get across Port Rush road on Magill rd.

To the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure Project Team for The Widening of Portrush Road Project

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Portrush Road / Magill Road Intersection Upgrade

I attended the above community information session on Wednesday 12th February 2020 due to a letter drop flyer and also a visit from DPTI staff at my home residence. I have attached the letters sent to affected resident’s along with the proposal that is planned by DPTI for the above intersection upgrade.

Whilst my property has not been identified as one that will be required for the road corridor, there may be other potential impacts so the department has begun negotiating with all affected parties.

“Which is quoted from there DPTI engagement team flyer”. The community information session which I attended was nonproductive and uninformative and a total waste of time as no DPTI staff present at the community information session could provide an answer or solution to my many questions that I raised. The whole exercise has been poorly communicated to all residents who are affected and as valued stakeholders the state government and federal government needs to be more accountable for their actions. For a $98 million dollar upgrade of this intersection which is currently part of National A1 highway and a saving of 1.5 minutes of travelling time as quoted by the DPTI website. There seems to be no accountability and transparency in this whole project. This is going to decimate a whole neighborhood community with its impact. I have asked for facts and data to support this intersection upgrade which as quoted by DPTI that we have 65,000 car movements per day across this intersection, so please provide this information as requested.

There are ten residential properties from 40 Prosser Avenue Norwood SA 5067 through to 24 Prosser Avenue, Norwood SA 5067 some of whom have resided there for in excess of thirty years will now reside on Portrush Road as a result of the compulsory land acquisitions and with the introduction of two right hand turning lanes and slip left lane along with lane widening to three lanes in both directions on Portrush Road.
If I wanted to reside on a major A1 National highway then I would have purchased a residence and accepted the outcome that one day my residence could be acquired as a result of a road widening programme. As my residential property abuts behind Castle Motors and the now decommissioned Shell service station, I will be hugely impacted by traffic noise and dust as a result of this intersection upgrade as I will reside behind the intersection.

My main concerns and the other affected residents in Prosser Avenue, Norwood SA 5067 are as follows:

A: All stakeholders who are affected by the intersection upgrade have been advised by DPTI that their land will be acquired and will need to vacate their residential premises by 30th June 2020. They have been made offers to relocate so they are being compensated for their inconvenience which is a sad occurrence. A total of 40 residential properties are being acquired along with various business which are also affected by this intersection upgrade.

B: There will be huge impact on the value of our residential properties in Prosser Avenue and this has been confirmed by real estate agents which would drop by about 10 – 15% in value as our residential properties would now back onto a 9-lane highway now instead of a four-lane highway which it currently is. Prosser Avenue was not recognized as highly impacted but we have been totally disregarded by DPTI and have not been consulted or contacted residents till last week. DPTI have not advised us we will be compensated for a decrease in our residential property value.
Where is my compensation for my residential house being devalued.?

C: Construction phase is going to take approximately two years, so there will be night works, noise, pollution and dust. This will hugely impact on the residents and our daily livelihood. We are the casualties of this road intersection upgrade and will we be compensated for this inconvenience as well.
Where is my compensation for physiological damage and trauma and on my health suffered a result of this intersection upgrade? Two years of Hell.

D: What noise abatement strategies or buffer measures would be installed to minimize on traffic noise. As once all the demolition of the compulsory acquired residences occurs, we will be exposed to Portrush Road. With increased fumes from the road works and subsequent increase of traffic due to duplication of new traffic lanes. Prosser Avenue would be short route for motorists to escape the construction road works phase. Would the government be prepared to install double glazing windows along with roller shutters and noise insulation to minimize on noise to affected residences? There was a discussion of street scaping – how will that be dense enough to muffle the noise.

E: What will become of the surplus land as a result of the compulsory land acquisition. DPTI have informed that it could be sold for residential purposes. (As part of the road widening corridor DPTI have advised only 10 – 15 meters of land would be required resulting in approximately 35 meters of vacant land). If new residential homes are going to be built what will be the height allowable and would this go through a planning process or be rubber stamped as approved by the state government. Could affected residents have the first option to purchase land behind their properties if they wanted to.

F: Why is this such a grandiose project – the intersection of Portrush at the Parade, Kensington Road, Greenhill Road and the Marden intersection are nowhere near as enormous as this proposal and yet they are part of the same Highway One, Outer Ring Route too. This will not improve traffic conditions due to the bottleneck effect of merging traffic from 3 lanes to two lanes for vehicles heading northbound or southbound on Portrush Road. Where are all the heavy vehicles going to go when they run out at the third lane.

Did the traffic volumes suddenly multiply Between Kensington Road and Magill. How will two traffic lanes multiply in the short space from the Norwood Parade to need three lanes of traffic to get through the next cycle of lights. Where are the facts/data to support this upgrade, which was nowhere or could not be provided by DPTI staff at the community information session?
It seems ironic that we can have an A1 National Highway closed for six hours the other week as a result of a B double jack knifing on the up track on the freeway and we are worried about saving 1.5 minutes of travel time. What a joke.

H: Did our local members of parliament – state and federal look after the interest of their constituents in their deliberations. We are paying the price for a grandiose gesture in the election process and we will bear the brunt of their decisions and photo
opportunities. All well and good to make grand announcements but there has been no consultation from DPTI till last week which was announced by the government on October 18th 2019.
Apparently, the City of Norwood Council was not consulted either and are extremely unhappy with proposal.
Lack of Consultation from start to beginning. DPTI should hang their heads in shame and as public servants there has been no accountability or transparency in this whole project and as a taxpayer who pays your salaries, I demand answers from such a pathetic government department to come clean and address the concerned residents in Prosser Avenue, Norwood what do you have to hide. ?

Is their compensation for us already in the budget for this project.

I look forward to your response

Hi, I am writing on behalf of a resident living on Beulah Road where this will further impact on the level of the traffic and noise that she already experiences. When the property was purchased over 40 years ago it was known that Portrush Road was the main thoroughfare for trucks etc, however, this is just turning a residential area into an airport and this is not quality of life for the residents who purchased there.

This is a residential area and ten lanes of traffic is a highway not a road!

Please find a suitable non-residential area for the majority of trucks to to travel to and from interstate.

Not very happy with another broken promise and one that will cost dearly for not a lot of travel saving, but a lot of disruption to residents.

Signed, will fight this.

this is the most poorly designed road widening I have ever seen. Leaving intact ugly electricity dist. centre and OTR forecourt and endless business carparks whilst demolishing homes without big business lawyers is whats happening here. This is a disgusting development, trucks should be diverted away from portrush and lower porttrush to south road north south link and an improved link from south road to the freeway made.

Good morning
I wonder if the residents have considered an injunction –
You may have a case pursuant to the Australian Constitution- furthermore what this “govt” is doing may be illegal as they are not legitimate- these State & Federal govts are actually a corporation with PM as CEO !!! …therefore they have violated the rule of law & the superior law in this country- our Constitution !

Unfortunately, if we look at the bigger picture, the Magill Road intersection is actually a Portrush Road Heavy Vehicle upgrade. Since the Government’s proposed Global Link has been shelved, not that it was ever seriously considered a project beyond an election platform, the focus is now back on Portrush Road to provide a better traffic flow for interstate transport and other heavy commercial vehicles.

The Magill Road intersection with its long slipway access points and the width expansion of Portrush Road to nearly 35m enabling three ‘through’ lanes will provide heavy vehicles more opportunity to beat the domestic traffic whilst navigating their passage north.

We already see these interstate transporters barrelling down Portrush Road abreast each other providing little room for error. It is likely we will have more accidents because of this upgrade as these huge trucks jockey for prime position in all three lanes.

No doubt the Lower Portrush and Hampstead Road corridor will be next targeted for ‘upgrades’.

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